The Strong Back Drill

The strong back drill is simple but extremely important for you and your horse to master. A horse with a strong top line who knows how to carry himself collected will stay sounder longer and be better able to perform. In contrast, a horse with a weak back who travels with his back hollowed out will likely have soundness issues and could, worst case scenario, wind up with kissing spines.


If you want a strong horse that will not only perform great but will maintain that greatness for years to come, then you need to implement the strong back drill into your program.

When to Blanket Your Horse

As the days get colder the question of whether or not to blanket your horse always comes up. Should I blanket at all? If so, what kind should I use? Does it need to be all of the time? Or can I take it off during the day? What if I don’t plan on riding during the winter?


For those unfamiliar with blanketing, it can be a bit overwhelming. That is why I have decided to talk about it today. After reading this article you should be able to identify exactly when you should blanket your horse and when he is better off naked.

The Tire Barrel Racing Drill

The tire barrel racing drill should be a tool in every barrel racer’s tool box. Not only does it teach the perfect circle to young horses but it can also be great for seasoned horses. From working on body shape to fixing shouldering issues, almost everyone can find something that this drill will improve. So, get some old tires and saddle up!