When to Blanket Your Horse

As the days get colder the question of whether or not to blanket your horse always comes up. Should I blanket at all? If so, what kind should I use? Does it need to be all of the time? Or can I take it off during the day? What if I don’t plan on riding during the winter?


For those unfamiliar with blanketing, it can be a bit overwhelming. That is why I have decided to talk about it today. After reading this article you should be able to identify exactly when you should blanket your horse and when he is better off naked.

4 Common Barrel Racing Equipment Problems

At just about any barrel race you go to you will see equipment problems. And while it fortunately doesn’t usually result in an accident, the risk is definitely there. Barrel racing is extreme enough without adding the extra element of barrel racing equipment problems. As a rider, you are in control of this. Take responsibility and avoid these four common barrel racing equipment problems.

The Barrel Racing Bag Packing List

A barrel racing bag? What do I need that for? Let me paint you a picture. You’re at a barrel race. After saddling your horse up and putting on your cowboy hat, you proceed to lead your mount towards the arena, which is a bit of a hike away from where the trailers are parked. Once at the arena you realize that you forgot elastics for your feet. At this point, there’s no time to run back to the trailer. You are up in two more runs. It’s time to mount up and go. Unfortunately, your run is a mess because you spent the whole time worrying that you would lose a stirrup.


Want to avoid a situation like this? I encourage you to put together a barrel racing bag. It will have all of those things you must have for your run or just before your run. Never again be left asking someone to run like Usain Bolt to the trailer to get your bell boots.


Here is a complete list of what you should keep in your barrel racing bag.

The Helmet Debate – To Wear One or Not

I don’t wear a helmet when I ride. During my 4-H days I was required to wear one at club riding practices but at home I always rode without one. A ball cap, toque or cowboy hat was always my preference and I never thought twice about it.


But that’s been changing. I have actually been considering buying a helmet and wearing it every time that I swing a leg over a horse. Why? I’m a smart girl and I don’t want a fall to ruin that for me. As an accountant, my brain is a critical asset that contributes to success in my profession. Not only that, I appreciate being able to think clearly on a regular basis, free from brain fog and headaches.


If you’re still one of the many out there that brushes off the thought of wearing a helmet while you ride, please give me a moment. Read what I have to say and really think hard about your decision.

Stirrups for Barrel Racing

Every time my husband sees me ride he asks me about the way I ride my stirrups for barrel racing. Growing up, he was taught that you are supposed to ride on the balls of feet with heels down. And, yes, while this is good practice, it is not necessarily the way to ride when making a run. Not sure how you long your stirrups for barrel racing should be, or where your feet should be in the stirrups? Read on to learn all about it.

Stepping Up From a Snaffle Bit

With a young horse you will eventually reach a point where you want to start stepping up from a snaffle bit. The horse is working great in the snaffle but you want to amp up their training to the next level. And, oftentimes, this requires a bit more lift and control than what a snaffle bit can provide. Is this where you are right now? Or maybe you are just curious of what comes after a snaffle. Either way, read on to find out what bits are great for stepping up from a snaffle bit.

The Ultimate Turquoise Tack Round Up

In recent years, turquoise tack has become quite fashionable in the barrel racing world. From breast collars and headstalls to polo wraps and spur straps, you can get juts about everything in turquoise tack these days. Looking to add some turquoise to your tack collection? You’ve come to the right place. Below is the ultimate list of everything you could want in turquoise. Happy shopping!