The First Step to Engaging the Hindquarters

The first step to engaging the hindquarters is having the ability to flex your horse. Yes, collection and engaging the hindquarters is driven from the withers back. However, you will never achieve that drive without having flexion mastered. Work on mastering the skill of flexion and you will be well on your way to having a horse that drives from behind with fully engaged hindquarters.

The Strong Back Drill

The strong back drill is simple but extremely important for you and your horse to master. A horse with a strong top line who knows how to carry himself collected will stay sounder longer and be better able to perform. In contrast, a horse with a weak back who travels with his back hollowed out will likely have soundness issues and could, worst case scenario, wind up with kissing spines.


If you want a strong horse that will not only perform great but will maintain that greatness for years to come, then you need to implement the strong back drill into your program.

4 Success Tips for Training the Barrel Pattern

Do you have a horse that you would like to start training the barrel pattern to? I am excited for you! There is nothing like starting a horse from scratch on the pattern to a fully trained barrel horse. There will be ups and downs, don’t get me wrong, but the process can be very rewarding.


To help you out in training the barrel pattern, I have compiled a list of four success tips before you get started.

Leads for Barrel Racing

Leads are extremely important for barrel racing and your horse’s long term success. During a barrel run, assuming you go to the right barrel first, you should be on the right lead going around the first barrel and on the left lead going around the second and third barrels. It sounds simple, right? But many barrel racers struggle with leads. If that’s you, then read on for some success tips on nailing your leads every time.

Strong in the Saddle: Strength Training for Barrel Racers

Strength training for barrel racers is so important. We put a lot of emphasis on our horses and their athletic performance but we rarely think of our own athletic performance. It takes a certain level of fitness to be a successful barrel racer. Yes, you can get away without being out of shape if you want to barrel race but, if you want to win, you better shape up.


That is where my Strong in the Saddle series comes into play. If you want to ride your horse so that he can perform at the best of his ability, then read on. The Strong in the Saddle series will tell you exactly what you need to do in order to be an athlete in the saddle.


In this first installment of the Strong in the Saddle series, we will discuss strength training for barrel racers.

Barrel Racing Rider Position

Rider position in barrel racing is extremely important. Not only is it important for rider safety and horse soundness but will also have an impact on how fast you can stop the clock. Learning how to properly position yourself during every part of your run is the first step in creating a winning run. Once you have rider position perfected, you’ll be well on your way to stopping the clock.