5 Reasons to Attend a Barrel Racing Clinic

This Christmas I have asked anyone that plans on giving me a gift to just give me cash so that I can attend a barrel racing clinic. I am just getting back into the sport after a four year hiatus and feel like this would be a great way to kick things off in the right direction. Furthermore, even if I wasn’t coming back from a break and had been barrel racing all along, I still feel like it would be beneficial for me to attend a barrel racing clinic.


If you have never attended a barrel racing clinic, or have not been to one in a while, I highly encourage you to sign up for one. There are so many great clinicians out there now and they can make an unbelievable impact on your results in the competition arena.


Don’t believe me? Consider these five reasons why you should attend a barrel racing clinic.

Tips for the Nervous Barrel Racer

This week I have decided to discuss some tips for the nervous barrel racer. Why? I am a nervous barrel racer myself and thought that, if these tips could be of use to me, then maybe they could help someone else out. Below I have compiled various tips from many barrel racers on how to calm your nerves. These tips have worked for other barrel racers and my hope is that they can help you, too.

The #1 Biggest Stumbling Block to Achieving Your Barrel Racing Dreams

The other day I posted a video on my Facebook page explaining why the goals you have set but have not yet reached are still valid goals. This video came after I had listened to Mark Divine’s Unbeatable Mind podcast where he interviewed James Clear, the author of Atomic Habits. The interview was extremely interesting to me and, in my opinion, very applicable to just about any barrel racer.

Barrel Racing Injury Statistics

I saw a meme the other day that got me thinking about barrel racing injury statistics. Yes, I know our sport is not nearly as dangerous as the other events at your typical rodeo. That being said, there is still risk every time a barrel racer heads down the alleyway. Whether you clip your knee on the alleyway coming in or fall at some point during the run, something can always happen. For today’s post, I thought it would be cool to explore just how dangerous our sport is.

Box Breathing for Nervous Riders

In a recent post I discussed box breathing and how I was going to commit to practicing it twice a day. The purpose of this was to help calm my nerves. As I mentioned in that post, I have a tendency to get a bit anxious in certain situations on my horse. My hope is that practicing box breathing will give me a bit more control over my nerves.


I fully expect that many of you do not know what box breathing is. However, if you are an anxious rider, I encourage you to read on. Box breathing can be a great way of not only reducing anxiety but also increasing performance and concentration.

16 Signs Your Horse Needs Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care for a horse? You better believe it! If you want a horse that performs at the top of his game, then you need to make sure your horse is getting chiropractic care as his body demands. What does your horse’s body demand? That is very individual but, if you pay close enough attention, he will tell you exactly when he needs a chiropractic adjustment.

4 Ways to Get Out of a Barrel Racing Slump

Not a single barrel racer on earth is immune to going through a barrel racing slump. If you compete long enough in the sport, it is going to happen at some point or another. It will happen even if you are a world champion barrel racer with a hundred belt buckles in your trophy room.


However, what separates the okay barrel racers from the great barrel racers is their ability to overcome a barrel racing slump. The great ones recognize it, address it and move forward. They don’t let it get them down and mess up the achievement of their goals. It is acknowledged as a necessary hurdle on the way to success.


Are you currently going through a barrel racing slump? Don’t despair. There are simple strategies to get through it and onto bigger and better things.

Barrel Racing Arena Footing

Barrel racers are notorious for complaining about barrel racing arena footing. It’s too hard, it’s too deep, it’s too slick… The complaints go on. While some of this complaining is a little over the top, there are cases where the complaints are warranted. After all, the horses we run often cost tens of thousands of dollars. There is no reason why we should be putting them at risk by having to run on sub optimal ground.

The 2018 Barrel Racer’s Christmas List

It’s finally here: the 2018 barrel racer’s Christmas list. With Halloween behind us, it is now time to turn our thoughts to Christmas. Stuck on what to buy the barrel racer in your life? Don’t sweat it. I have you covered with this comprehensive list that will make just about every barrel racer happy.

Correcting Wide Turns

Do you need help correcting wide turns? Is your horse bowing out really wide as you leave a barrel? If so, please read on. You can have a super fast horse but, if he tends to make wide turns, you are never going to be in the money. Having tight, quick turns is crucial for success in the barrel pen and I have the solution for that right here.