4 Common Barrel Racing Equipment Problems

At just about any barrel race you go to you will see equipment problems. And while it fortunately doesn’t usually result in an accident, the risk is definitely there. Barrel racing is extreme enough without adding the extra element of barrel racing equipment problems. As a rider, you are in control of this. Take responsibility and avoid these four common barrel racing equipment problems.

Barrel Racing Dreams: Baby Steps

Every girl’s barrel racing dreams become a reality by taking one step at a time. Baby steps. You don’t go from dreaming about horses to running at the NFR over night. It takes time and persistence. In addition, it takes consistent action in the right direction. I have barrel racing dreams and I am committed to taking those baby steps until I see those dreams come true.

Conditioning a Sound Barrel Horse

Conditioning your barrel horse is critical if you want a horse that will remain sound and have a long career in the barrel pen. Barrel racing is very physically demanding on a horse and we need to do everything that we can to help our horses stay in the sport as long as possible.


How do we do that? It all starts with understanding about what barrel racing demands of our horses and how that impacts their bodies.

Leads for Barrel Racing

Leads are extremely important for barrel racing and your horse’s long term success. During a barrel run, assuming you go to the right barrel first, you should be on the right lead going around the first barrel and on the left lead going around the second and third barrels. It sounds simple, right? But many barrel racers struggle with leads. If that’s you, then read on for some success tips on nailing your leads every time.

7 Steps to Become a Better Barrel Racer

If you compete in barrel racing, you need to work everyday on becoming a better barrel racer. The sport is becoming more and more competitive and, if you aren’t constantly working at it, you will be left in the dust. And it’s not just enough to work hard. That hard work needs to be concentrated very specifically into activities that will have the greatest impact on your performance in the arena.


Wondering what you need to be working on in order to become a better barrel racer? No worries. I’ve got you covered.

The Barrel Racing Bag Packing List

A barrel racing bag? What do I need that for? Let me paint you a picture. You’re at a barrel race. After saddling your horse up and putting on your cowboy hat, you proceed to lead your mount towards the arena, which is a bit of a hike away from where the trailers are parked. Once at the arena you realize that you forgot elastics for your feet. At this point, there’s no time to run back to the trailer. You are up in two more runs. It’s time to mount up and go. Unfortunately, your run is a mess because you spent the whole time worrying that you would lose a stirrup.


Want to avoid a situation like this? I encourage you to put together a barrel racing bag. It will have all of those things you must have for your run or just before your run. Never again be left asking someone to run like Usain Bolt to the trailer to get your bell boots.


Here is a complete list of what you should keep in your barrel racing bag.

Strong in the Saddle: Strength Training for Barrel Racers

Strength training for barrel racers is so important. We put a lot of emphasis on our horses and their athletic performance but we rarely think of our own athletic performance. It takes a certain level of fitness to be a successful barrel racer. Yes, you can get away without being out of shape if you want to barrel race but, if you want to win, you better shape up.


That is where my Strong in the Saddle series comes into play. If you want to ride your horse so that he can perform at the best of his ability, then read on. The Strong in the Saddle series will tell you exactly what you need to do in order to be an athlete in the saddle.


In this first installment of the Strong in the Saddle series, we will discuss strength training for barrel racers.

The Barrel Racer’s Guide to Riding Confidently

Are you struggling in riding confidently? Do you constantly worry about what will happen during your barrel run? Or maybe you are haunted by what others think of you, your horse and your run. If so, you aren’t alone. I myself struggle with riding confidently but it’s time to put a stop to that. Whatever is preventing you from riding confidently, read on to put a stop to it so you can ride like a champion and earn your next buckle.

The Helmet Debate – To Wear One or Not

I don’t wear a helmet when I ride. During my 4-H days I was required to wear one at club riding practices but at home I always rode without one. A ball cap, toque or cowboy hat was always my preference and I never thought twice about it.


But that’s been changing. I have actually been considering buying a helmet and wearing it every time that I swing a leg over a horse. Why? I’m a smart girl and I don’t want a fall to ruin that for me. As an accountant, my brain is a critical asset that contributes to success in my profession. Not only that, I appreciate being able to think clearly on a regular basis, free from brain fog and headaches.


If you’re still one of the many out there that brushes off the thought of wearing a helmet while you ride, please give me a moment. Read what I have to say and really think hard about your decision.

Divisional Barrel Races vs. Rodeos

From the outside looking in, running at a divisional barrel race versus running at a rodeo has little difference other than name. However, this could not be further away from the truth. Sure, you run around three barrels at both events in the hopes that you have the fastest time. But that’s about where the similarities end. If you are contemplating where to enter your horse, I encourage you to read on to help in your decision.