Buying a Saddle

Are you in the market for a saddle? Not sure what to look for when buying a saddle? You have come to the right place. Read on for all of the details of buying a saddle.

Brazilian Barrel Saddles

Brazilian barrel saddles have come onto the American and Canadian barrel racing scenes in the last few years. Is a Brazilian barrel racing saddle something that you should ride in? Are they worth the money? Do they perform better than a traditional leather saddle? Get all of your questions about Brazilian saddles answered here.

Horse Care

How do you take care of a horse? What does horse care entail? The answer to that largely depends on who you ask. What one person calls luxury the other calls taking care of necessities. What one person calls neglect the other calls letting a horse be a horse.

To Wear Spurs or Not to Wear Spurs

To wear spurs or not to wear spurs, that is the question. Should you wear spurs for daily riding? For competition? Never? Always?


Nothing bugs me more than being out in public (and I do not mean at some sort of horse event where there are competitors walking around) and seeing someone walking around with their spurs on. They drag their feet a little bit extra to make that classic spur noise and everyone looks to see who is wearing spurs. I get it. You ride a horse. You probably have an expensive horse, ride the rankest colts and win lots of buckles. Congratulations. Take the damn spurs off.

Barrel Racing

Barrel racing. It is one of the fastest growing equine sports on the planet and for good reason. Barrel racing is an amazing sport. The feeling of making a great run is hard to describe to someone who has never experienced it.


For those of you who are just being introduced to the sport: welcome!


Bits: An Introduction

Bits can be intimidating if you are new to the world of horses. They vary in so many ways that it can be extremely difficult to figure out where to even begin. How long should the shank be? Should the bit have a shank? Do I need a curb strap? Does the bit need a solid mouthpiece, or should it be broken? If it’s broken, should it have two breaks or one? Or maybe it should be a chain mouthpiece…


The questions go on and on.


This article will (hopefully) clear up some of those questions to ensure that you have the most appropriate bit in your horse’s mouth when you head down the alleyway or at any other point in time.

The Ultimate Barrel Racing Checklist

Headed to a rodeo or other barrel racing event? Are you worried that you might forget something at home that you need at the barrel race? Or maybe you do not even know what to bring to a barrel racing event? Have no fear! I have you covered. What follows is an extremely in depth list of just about everything that you would need at a barrel race. You may not need it all but it is better to be safe than sorry. There is nothing worse than being several hours from home and realizing that you forget your competition bridle back in the tack room!

Pole Bending to Improve Your Barrel Racing

Pole bending is a fascinating event. It’s the perfect marriage of speed and precision. A horse-rider pair that can navigate the pole bending pattern in under 25 seconds takes a lot of cooperation. Such a duo will have the ability to work together as a team at a high rate of speed. Because pole bending demands so much, it is great to practice when wanting to improve your barrel racing horse.

Leg Protection: SMBs, Polo Wraps, & Bell Boots

Sport medicine boots (SMBs). Splint boots. Skid boots. Polo Wraps. Bell boots. For the purposes of this article, let’s group all of these things into one category called leg protection. The legs of your barrel racing horse take a pounding every time you point them down the alley and make a barrel run. Even if the ground you are running in is perfect, your barrel horse’s legs are still going to undergo a significant amount of stress. That is why using some sort of leg protection on your barrel horse is so important.
First Time on a Horse

The Story of My First Horse

There are some kids in the horse world today who are mounted by nicer horses than I ride today as an adult. They are fancy broke with breeding to boot! It makes the mare that I had as my first horse look ridiculous. But you know what? I would not trade that experience for the world.