Leg Protection: SMBs, Polo Wraps, & Bell Boots

Sport medicine boots (SMBs). Splint boots. Skid boots. Polo Wraps. Bell boots. For the purposes of this article, let’s group all of these things into one category called leg protection. The legs of your barrel racing horse take a pounding every time you point them down the alley and make a barrel run. Even if the ground you are running in is perfect, your barrel horse’s legs are still going to undergo a significant amount of stress. That is why using some sort of leg protection on your barrel horse is so important.
First Time on a Horse

The Story of My First Horse

There are some kids in the horse world today who are mounted by nicer horses than I ride today as an adult. They are fancy broke with breeding to boot! It makes the mare that I had as my first horse look ridiculous. But you know what? I would not trade that experience for the world.
Riding Bareback

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