#011 Building Leg Strength For Barrel Racing

Having lots of leg strength for barrel racing is really important because it ensures that, not only can you stay on your horse as they navigate the barrel pattern, but it also helps in being able to give clear leg cues to your horse at the exact moment that you need to. If you are serious about your barrel racing, then you need to get serious about increasing your leg strength. This week, Katrina gives you a run down on how to increase your leg strength with six specific exercises and gives a workout that you can do from home.

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Exercise Demos

Click on the links below for demonstrations on how to do each of the exercises in the workout.

Side Leg Lifts


Single Leg Bridges

Rear Leg Lifts/Single Leg Deadlifts


Backward/Reverse Lunge

And, as promised, here is a PDF version of the workout that you can print and follow along with while you do the workout: Leg Strength for Barrel Racers

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